Arena of valor 18+


Dear Challengers,on 18th of December 2020, AoV will hold a Hotfix to perform some adjustments to anh hùng Balance. Please check the information below for more details.

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I. Antaris Battlefield AdjustmentsMina — The Reaper Queen (Adjust)

After our internal data, Mina is not a suitable option in the Dark Caesar Slayer lane, therefore, we are going to buff the damage of her first skill in the hope that more Challengers pick her as solo lane hero.

Skill 1: Whirling ScytheBase Damage:

150/180/210/240/270/300 (+50% of AD) (+6% of Max HP) > 200/240/280/320/360/400 (+50% of AD) (+8% of Max HP)Skill 2: Death ScytheSlowdown Duration: 1.25 seconds > 1 second

Laville — Celestial Light (Buff)

We feel like the recent changes to lớn Laville—also known as Lavie—were too harsh. So we are buffing his base attributes lớn balance him more as a suitable anh hùng that belongs khổng lồ the mobility markspeople.

Base Attributes:Movement Speed: 340 > 350Attack speed Growth: 1% > 2%

Lumburr — The Elemental (Buff)

Lumburr' global win rate is among the lowest in Athanor. Furthermore, the casting animation of the ultimate skill is too long for the effect of knock-up duration. Therefore we are going to lớn buff the said-duration, in the hope that Lumburr rocks again.

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Ultimate: Earth SplitterKnock-up Duration: 1 second > 1.5 seconds

Ryoma — The Ronin (Nerf)

After we have analysed our challengers, content creators and eSports feedback, we heard that Ryoma long-attack range, high-damage burst and control effects are too much in the current design. Therefore, we have decided lớn nerf the high-damage burst.

Passive: NaginatajutsuShadow blade outer border damage: 50% > 40%Skill 2: Wailing BladeBase Damage: 400/460/520/580/640/700 (+180% of AD)

> 375/425/475/525/575/625 (+150% of AD)

Omega — Sage (Nerf)

As our general community manager Christopher Anjos talked in the Dev Diary already. Omega is our largest revamp in the history, please refer khổng lồ the Dev Diary if you wanna know the story behind the changes.

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The changes that we made during the redesign of Omega — Sage were on the paper interesting but for the Antaris Battlefield and Light vs. Shadow Battlefield too overwhelming. Therefore, we are nerfing his skills that provide additional movement speed to ensure that Omega doesn’t dominate the tư vấn lane & overshadows other tư vấn heroes. Additionally, we have nerfed his stun duration to minimise his overwhelming behaviour on the battlefield.

Base Attribute:Movement Speed: 380 > 360Skill 1: RedeployIncreased movement speed: 12%~40% (increases with character level) > 5%~40% (increases with character level)Skill 2: Veda TechWhirlwind stun duration: 1 second > 0.75 seconds

Butterfly — Death’s Whisper (Nerf)

Skill 1: WhirlwindShield: 400/480/560/640/720/800 (+120% of AD) > 350/420/490/560/630/700 (+90% of AD)

Ignis — The Anointed One (Adjust)

Skill 1: Fire CrashBase Damage: 325/365/405/445/485/525 (+45% of AP) > 350/380/410/440/470/500 (+50% of AP)Skill 2: Rain of FireStun Duration: 0.75 seconds > 0.5 seconds