An Important Holiday That Is Celebrated In Your Country

when the festival is celebratedwhat people vày during this festivalwhat you lượt thích or dislike about itand explain why this festival is important in your country. 

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India is a diverse country that is home to several religions & backgrounds. Hence, we celebrate all of the festivals with great pomp and show. One of the significant festivals that we celebrate is Diwali. This festival of lights is one of the major festivals of Sikhs, Jains and Hindus. Generally, it lasts up to lớn five days & is celebrated during the Hindu lunisolar month – Kartika, between October – November.

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Two days before Diwali, we celebrate Dhanteras – it is a day associated with money và prosperity. So, on this day, people buy utensils, gold or silver & do a puja. The next day is Chhoti Diwali, which goes in decorating the house. People light up their houses with fairy lights & decorate their home temples. On the main day of Diwali, everybody exchanges gifts with near và dear ones and offers prayers to lớn Lakshmi and Ganesha.

I lượt thích the vibe of this festival. Regardless of the corner you turn khổng lồ in your city, you will find houses lightened up with lights and diyas. However, the one thing that I don’t lượt thích about this festival is the excessive burst of crackers.

The festival is extremely important in my country as it signifies the values of righteousness, patience and good over evil. It is the day when Lord Rama, along with Sita và Lakshman, came back khổng lồ their kingdom after spending 14 years in jungle & killing Ravana. Thus, Diwali holds the utmost significance in India.



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Heritage: property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance.Eg: The heritage of Bengal is to lớn be preserved.Culture: A culture is a way of life of a group of people–the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept, generally without thinking about them, and that are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation lớn the next.

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Eg: Harry believes in Indian culture.Empowerment: authority or power nguồn given khổng lồ someone to vị somethingEg: She believes in women empowerment.Courage: strengthEg: The Queen’s courage is still appreciated today. 

Sample Answer 2

Festivals are the very reason why Kolkata is popularly known as the “City of Joy.” In India, West Bengal is one of the states known for its rich cultural heritage and festivities. Durga Puja is the biggest festival in the state & is well-known worldwide. People from different states và countries come khổng lồ visit Kolkata during this time of the year. It is celebrated during the autumn in late September or October.

Durga Puja is a Hindu festival, but people from all religions come forward to celebrate this festival. The preparation for the festival starts a month prior khổng lồ the phối date. Pandals are made in every corner of the thành phố to feel its essence. From Mahalaya till Vijaya Dashami, people get out of their houses & hop around pandals. Some pull an all-nighter & visit every pandal to see the various creative representation of the figurine of Goddess Durga.

Durga Puja is my favourite festival. I get a lot of energy during that time of the year. During the four days from MahaSaptami lớn Vijaya Dashami, I go out with my friends, family và many other close relatives. For the past few years, our locality has built puja pandals, and the women of the locality organise the entire setup. All in all, there is nothing I dislike about this festival.

Durga Ma symbolizes “women empowerment.” It shows how the women of the world are as strong and courageous as today’s men. This festival is a celebration of that very theme. No matter how busy Indians are with their lives, everyone comes together during this time—some catch up with their old friends while others spend time with their loved ones.

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Sample Answer 3

Among the various festivals in my country, Vietnam, I enjoy the Tet festival the most. To be concise, the Vietnamese New Year is called the Tet Nguyen Dan, which is abbreviated as Tet. It celebrates the first morning of the first day of the Lunar year and mostly falls in late January or early/mid-February. The dates vary from year khổng lồ year as it is based on the Lunar calendar. The celebration lasts one week or longer.

Tet festival is one of the most widely celebrated public festivals in Vietnam. As it represents a new beginning, people express their respect for their ancestors và enjoy the present with their close ones. Those who stay away from their family or ancestor land come home during this time of the year. Every family gets together khổng lồ have big meals to welcome the New Year. They pray at temples about the two weeks before và immediately after Tet as it is considered auspicious. Homes are cleaned and decorated with Hoa Mai (yellow apricot blossom), Hoa Dao (peach blossom), Kumquat tree và many other colorful flowers. Everybody, especially kids, wears new clothes và shoes to lớn visit families & friends & enjoy traditional Tet food lượt thích Banh chung (a sticky rice cake). Sometimes, children even receive money in red envelopes as a token of luck và love. 

It is impossible to dislike anything about festivities, particularly ones that bring our whole family together. Distant cousins visit us and sometimes we visit some of our relatives. All the neighbours come together and we often enjoy a short outing like a picnic with delicious home-cooked food. Different kinds of games are played. In short, it is the time of the year that we wait for. 

Tet is significant for everyone in our country because it is a time of renewal. We leave behind the sorrow of the past and look forward to fresh starts. Commercially, it is essential as tons of tourists visit the country during this time of the year khổng lồ witness the vibrant decorations, learn more about the customs & culture of Vietnam & enjoy the tranquility as well as the festivities.