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In this post, a very important cue card for IELTS Speaking will be discussed. It is known as An Important Decision Made By You. Take a close look at the model answer & follow the use of vocabulary, complex và compound sentences. I hope you practice it & deliver your best. You need khổng lồ focus on the answer, read it a couple of times and practice delivering in front of an expert English language user.

Bạn đang xem: Ielts speaking cue card, an important decision made by you

Model answer:

Thanks a lot for the topic card. Decisions are very important for our life. I’ve made numerous decisions in my life and sometimes I had to lớn take some of those of my own & sometimes I had a chat with my family members about it. Anyway, today I’m going lớn talk about a decision that I took alone which proved khổng lồ be the right decision I had ever made.

It was just after my class 12 final result when my father told me that I have khổng lồ choose a major for my graduation. I was then a boy of 18. Usually, after the 12th grade, most parents help their children to decide on their next goal. But, interestingly, I was not forced by my parents here to vì anything; instead, he encouraged me to decide on what subject I thought was most suitable for me. Many of my friends và relatives had the notion that I was not smart enough; rather I was very immature lớn take such a gigantic decision for myself. Some of them even went on criticizing my parents.

However, my father, especially, remained calm and told me lớn decide. Luckily, I knew my strength in English grammar and English Literature fascinated me most. So, after considering all other options I decided to lớn complete my Honors in English.

Then came the hard part. My mother thought that I would decide on something like medicine or pharmacy, as I also had a fascination for medical science. She was not convinced. It took me some time to convince her at last.

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Now I’m happy that my decision was quite good. I completed my Honors successfully which led me khổng lồ complete Masters in English too. Now, I’ve become an English Teacher in a very renowned Secondary School in my hometown.

I don‘t deny the fact that had my decision been wrong, I would have been blamed by many. Yet, I was very excited và happy that my parents gave their consent và I felt lượt thích a bird that was able lớn fly alone for the first time. I faced many problems khổng lồ fulfill my aim và many unusual và disheartening thoughts came khổng lồ my mind like abandoning my aim khổng lồ complete my graduation. But, at the end, nothing bad happened and I was victorious. So, I think it was a very good decision to take.

Thank you.

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That’s the over of this model answer.

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