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Viết đoạn văn bởi tiếng anh về kỳ nghỉ hè là trong số những chủ đề thường chạm mặt trong những bài xích thi giờ đồng hồ Anh. Thoạt quan sát đây dường như là chủ thể khá dễ. Tuy nhiên, nó yên cầu ở những em kiến thức và kỹ năng vựng, kết cấu câu vững chắc. Dựa vào đó có thể hỗ trợ học viên viết đoạn văn bởi tiếng anh về kỳ du lịch hè trở buộc phải hay, say mê hơn. Cùng những nội dung bài viết mẫu tiếp sau đây của goodsmart.com.vn đã là gợi ý hữu ích cho các em.

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Viết đoạn văn về kỳ du lịch hè của con trẻ – đoạn #1

Summer vacations are the best time to lớn relax và enjoy with family & friends, it’s the time I eagerly waited for every year. This year’s summer vacation is so special lớn me because it was the first time I’ve been on a trip with my colleagues. We had a wonderful time in Vung Tau – the thành phố which has the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

We stayed there for 2 days at a small but convenient hostel. First day, we got up early to see the sunrise on the beach. It’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Then we swam and lay down on the sand khổng lồ enjoy beautiful sunlight & the clear blue sky. We also enjoyed delicious seafood & drank fresh coconuts.

The next day, it took us about 30 minutes to hike up the Small Mountain to visit the Lighthouse. But it was really worth the try! The lighthouse affords a panoramic magnificent view of the whole of Vung Tau and is a really interesting site. On vị trí cao nhất of Small Mountain, there is the enormous 28m figure of Jesus gazing across the East Sea. This is the largest sculpture in Southern Vietnam. The two shoulders of the figure are balconies, each able lớn accommodate up lớn six people, which offer a splendid view of the surrounding landscape.

The weather during the time we stayed was really good và the local people were friendly. We took many photographs khổng lồ save our memorable vacation & bought a lot of souvenirs, too. I just had so many good memories of that whole trip. Everything was great, but what made the trip even greater was the fact that I was able to lớn build stronger relationships with my colleagues.

#2 Đoạn văn về kỳ nghỉ mùa hè

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year because I can have a break after a long semester. I always spend my summer playing outside with my friends & sleep late in the morning. I usually wake up at 9 o’clock, but sometimes I also wake up early lớn go to the market with my mother. After I have lunch, I often stay in my room to lớn play online games & read comic books because it is too hot outside.

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When it is about 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I & my friends will run lớn the grass field to lớn fly the kite or play catch. We have a lot of games khổng lồ play, and sometimes we also play healthy sports like badminton or volleyball. I come trang chủ at about 7 o’clock khổng lồ have dinner, và then I continue to lớn enjoy my life by watching TV without worrying about the homework. I stay up late lớn play with my phone, because I vì not need lớn go to school the next morning. Summer break is so fun, và I wish it could last for 6 months.

Nếu chúng ta thấy nội dung bài viết hay và bổ ích, hãy c.l.i.c.k q.u.ả.n.g c.á.o bên dưới ủng hộ bầy mình nhé. Mình sẽ thay gắng nâng cao chất lượng trong từng nội dung bài viết để giúp đỡ bạn có được trải nghiệm tốt nhất trên site mình ⤵⤵⤵


Đoạn văn #3

Last summer, I spent about a week going lớn Vung Tau with my friends, & it was awesome. I study far from home, so I usually come back trang chủ during the summer break. However, last year I decided to vày something new before coming home, & I had created great memories with my friends. We hired an apartment, and it was very comfortable & convenient. We spent most of our time hanging around và playing on the beach. Vung Tau was not a new place to us, but we really enjoyed the atmosphere and the sights there.

Therefore, we went to lớn many places such as the light house & pagodas, & we took a lot of pictures. We ate out for the first two days, but later we decided lớn buy the ingredients to lớn cook at home. It was cheaper & more delicious, so we had a chance lớn eat many different kinds of seafood. We all went home after a week, but it was such a great experience that we are planning on doing it again next year.



#4 Đoạn văn ngắn kỳ nghỉ hè

Last summer vacation, I had an amazing journey to lớn Japan. It took us 5 hours to get there by plane. At first, we were exhausted, but little did we know we would have one of the best moments here. We stayed in three cities: Osaka, Tokyo và Chiba, all of which gave us different vibes of Japan. While Tokyo was a thành phố of hustle và bustle, Chiba calmed my mind with its peaceful and rather quiet atmosphere. Osaka was actually the combination of both cities, busy but tranquil at times.

We had the chance to lớn visit many beautiful and famous destinations such as Kinkakuji temple, Kiyomizu – dera temple, Shibuya town và et. Cetera. The weather was hot và sunny all day. The cuisine here was đứng top notch as I got to lớn enjoy a variety of fresh và delicious seafood. This journey gave me the chance to experience a new culture and I would love to lớn come to nhật bản again.


Đoạn văn #5

Last summer, I went khổng lồ Nha Trang beach with my family, it was such a memorable summer holiday. We went there by car, và when we nearly got there, from a far distance, I could see how wide và beautiful the beach was. The weather was so nice that made me want to lớn run directly to the beach, enjoy the fresh air & clean water. There were a lot of people swimming, sunbathing, playing volleyball on the shore, & some children even built sand castles and flew kites. We stayed at Edele hotel whose service I found very satisfying and I had the chance khổng lồ eat the sea food there. They were very delicious.

I went to lớn Vinpearl Land, Long sơn pagoda, too. They were very wonderful. I felt very fun and happy because I also met many foreigners, they were tourists and I had talked to lớn them a lot. We stayed in Nha Trang for a week và on the last day, I went to some gift siêu thị near the beach lớn buy souvenirs for my grandparents and my friends . When I came back home, I felt very happy but a little regretted because I wanted lớn stay there longer. I told my dad I liked Nha Trang và I hoped we can go to Nha Trang again one summer.

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