Reported Speech With Gerunds


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Date of preparation: Date of teaching : Period: 12 Lesson 12: exercises about Reported speech with gerunds A. Aims 1. Objectives : By the end of the lesson, sts will be able to:- Understand reported speech with gerunds và use these structures to lớn solve communicative tasks.- Know how khổng lồ change a direct sentence into reported one with infinitives.- Practise changing a direct sentence into reported one with gerunds. 2. Teaching aids:- blackboard, chalk, handouts- textbook, lesson plan B. ProceduresTeacher’s activitiesTimeStudents’ activities I. Organization- T checks the number of students và asks Ss to lớn make some class arrangement. II. Checking the old lesson- T calls on one student to go to the board & asks some questions about him/her.- T gives comments và marks. III. New lesson 1. Warm- up :Noughts và crosses- T divides the class into 2 groups, instructs them how khổng lồ play the game.insistpreventdeniedwarnthinkremindthankedaccusedsuggest- T gets sts to play the game.- T declares the winner 2. Grammar : Reporrted speech with gerundsa. Presentation- T nhận xét reported speech with gerunds.+ Form: Verb+ Object + pre + gerund Verd + pre + gerund+ Meaning & Use: We usually use an gerund structure lớn report thanks, suggestions, apology, congratulation, warning, prevention....... . We don’t use “say” in this structure.Eg: “Don’t play with the matches!” I said to lớn Jack. I warned Jack against playing with the match.- T reminds sts that time và place references often have khổng lồ change in reported speech.NowThenTodayThat dayHereThereThis weekThat weekTomorrowThe following day /The next day/ The day afterYesterdayThe day before/ the previous dayAgo BeforetonightThat nightLast weekThe previous week/ the week beforeNext weekThe following week/ the next week b. Exercise (handouts)- T distributes sts handouts and asks them to bởi exercise in it.- T calls on some sts to write on the board.- T checks và gives final comments. IV. Consolidation- T summarises the main points of the lesson by asking the question.How to lớn change a direct sentence into a reported one with infinitive? V. Homework- T asks sts to do the extra exercises in the workbook. VI. Feedback 1. Good points 2. Weak points1min4mins5mins15 mins17 mins2mins1min- The monitor reports the number of students in his/her class to the teacher.- answer the T’s questions.- listen- listen khổng lồ the T’s instructions- play the game in 3 minutes- clap their hands- copy down- listen to lớn T & copy down- get the handouts và do the exercise.- write on the board- copy down- answer the question & take note- take note