It’s a language that has had a huge influence on this world due lớn Britain conquering regimes in the past. 

According lớn Worldometer, 67 out of 195 countries in the world today, including Singapore, have English as one of their official languages.

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In Singapore, it can be very tough to lớn keep up in school or work if you have a weak command of English since every language except Mother Tongue is taught in English.

Being weak in English can cause certain problems such as difficulty understanding contexts và questions in textbooks since it’s all in English.

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Here are some of the issues you might face if you’re not good at English.

1. You’ll Face Academic Struggles

As mentioned above, apart from Mother Tongue subjects, every other subject in Singapore’s education system is taught in English.

If you have difficulty understanding the rules of grammar and have weak vocabulary, chances are you’ll struggle to understand the concepts in your textbook as they’re written in English.

Not having strong command of English can also affect your perception when it comes to understanding & answering exam questions, especially in humanities subjects.

having a weak command in English can really drag your other subjects’ grades down.

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2. You’ll Have Trouble Finding Jobs

Most companies nowadays are hiring people who are to lớn understand and speak English.

Not being English educated narrows your job opportunities in Singapore rather significantly as most require you lớn be able to lớn communicate in it.

It’s not totally impossible khổng lồ find a job, but it’ll be extremely tough khổng lồ land one with a decent salary.

3. You’ll Face Workplace Struggles In the Future

Similar lớn classroom settings, your workplace in the future will definitely consist of people of different races.

The only way to lớn communicate with people of different races is through a middle language, which in Singapore’s context will be English. 

Communicating with your colleagues is very important as most of the time, you’ll be tasked to work on projects with them.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be khổng lồ work on a project while not being able khổng lồ communicate effectively with your colleagues?

Not only will you not be able to produce good work, but there’s also bound to be conflicts among each other since it’s very hard lớn get your points across one another.

You might even thất bại your job due to your poor work performance over inept communication skills.

Not worth it!


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4. You’ll Feel Left Out

Do you lượt thích the feeling of being left out by your friends?

I’m pretty sure no one likes that.

Most youngsters nowadays like to communicate in English, it’s very rare lớn see them conversing in their Mother Tongue.

Which makes it very easy for your friends lớn exclude you from their plans if you’re unable lớn converse and have fun with them.

That’s not fun at all.

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Ways to Improve Your English

Now that you know about the difficulties that may arise if you aren’t good at English, what are some actions you can execute to improve in your English language skills?

Here are some tips.

1. Watch More English Programmes 

Let’s start off easy.

One of the easiest ways lớn learn English is to watch any of your favourite English series, movies, or programmes with subtitles of your preferred language.

When you watch an English show with subtitles of your preferred language, you’ll instantly be able to lớn see the direct translation of the words and how it’s pronounced.

Spelling on the other hand, can be learned by watching shows in your preferred language with English subtitles on.

Learning a language by watching television surely makes it easier and more interesting.

2. Speak More English

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Practice makes perfect” right?

That’s very true và the only way khổng lồ feel more comfortable speaking English would be khổng lồ actually speak it.

You can try speaking English to yourself using the mirror khổng lồ see how you look và sound like.

Afterward, try speaking khổng lồ your family in English (provided they understand và are able to converse in it), & get them to lớn correct your pronunciation if you happen lớn pronounce any words wrongly.

Just remember that the more English you speak, the more fluent you’ll become. 


3. Read Books to Expand Vocabulary

The best way khổng lồ expand your vocabulary would be khổng lồ read.

Reading books exposes you to many beautiful words that you might have seen or heard before.

Once you spot a new word that you’ve never seen before, highlight and tìm kiếm the dictionary khổng lồ find its definition.

Trust me, just reading 1 book can significantly expand your vocabulary.

All it takes is just hard work & dedication.

You can also use the new words you’ve learned to impress your friends & show them your strong command of English.

I bet they’ll be awestruck!


4. Write & Master the Art of Spelling

It can be extremely embarrassing to lớn misspell words.

How can you avoid such a situation?

By writing!

It’s the best way for you to practice your spelling as it’d be writing the words letter by letter.

Who knows, you might even become a spelling bee champion after putting in time lớn learn how to lớn spell long words like “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”.

The longest word in the English dictionary!


5. Hire a Private Tutor

Do you find it too tough lớn learn a language without physical guidance from a professional?

Well, fret not!

At, we have the best Private English Tutors who are willing khổng lồ put in the hard work khổng lồ improve your English dramatically!

Just a few lessons with them and you’ll see English in a new light.

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Being inept in English can pose major problems for many people, especially Singaporeans.

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However, in this article, I’ve shared several methods you can implement lớn improve your English.