When we purchased our 100+ year old Victorian, one of the things I was drawn to were all of the gorgeous bay & original stained glass windows. They were time-worn, beautiful, và for practical reasons mostneeded khổng lồ be replaced! As homeowners, we would love for our windows & doors to lớn last forever, but unfortunately lớn protect the structure of our homes và our investments it is imperative to make necessary window and door updates.Perhaps you are wondering if it is time to lớn replace or updateyourold windows & doors? Let’s explore seven ways khổng lồ identify when khổng lồ replace windows và doors.

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1. You feel a draft of hot or cold air.

2. Your window sills or doors have peeling paint and some splitting.

Window deterioration often beginsat the sill và door deterioration on the bottom rail. If you have peeling paint và splitting wood, this allows moisture lớn penetrate the wood causing wood rot. Window sills and doors with wood rot can lead to structural issues & can attract wood destroying insects such as termites. To lớn prevent further costly repairs, it is recommended that you make any necessary repairs và consider replacing damaged windows và doors.

3. You are having difficulty opening, closing, or locking your windows & doors.


4. You see light coming in from under your door or window sill.

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When a window is closed, there should not be any light coming through at the sill or around the window casing. Likewise, when your exterior doors are closed you should not be able khổng lồ see lightstreaming in from around the frame or threshold. Remember that where light enters, other undesirables such as water, drafts, insects & rodents can as well! If you are seeing gaps in the framing, it is time lớn consider new doors và windows.

5. You have condensation between your window panes.

Windows that are double and triple paned contain a layer of air in between the glass that allow the window to better insulate your home. If you notice condensation forming in between the glass panes or you notice a film between the panes, your windows are no longer insulating as they should.


6. Your energy bill is costly.

Inefficient doors và windows inevitably lead toa more costly energy bill year round. Upgradingyour doors và windows to new, energy-efficient options willeventually pay for themselves bylowering your heating và cooling costs.

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7. Your windows are just plain ugly.

Let’s face it, if your windows and doors are chipped, cracked, broken, and/or missing hardware it might be time lớn replace them. New windows và doors can help you transform your everyday spaces into your favorite places!

Do I have you thinking about replacing your windows or doors? Are you still wondering if it’s really worth the investment? Well stay tuned because I will be back to lớn further exploreall of the benefits of window/door replacement, and I will show off some of the amazing window and door transformations!