Volunteer Abroad Programs And Reviews


Avolunteer abroadorstudy abroadtrip can be the experience of a lifetime. Not only vày you have the potential to lớn provide positive benefits to the host community, you can develop your professional & personal skills. Indeed, there are many advantages khổng lồ volunteering abroad. Unfortunately, “sticker shock” can discourage some from even going in the first place. The cost of serving overseas just seems too great.

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If you start sensing the cost of serving overseas is too much, stop your thoughts right there! và realize that you have other options outside of forking over thousands of dollars for ahigh-quality volunteer program. This article discusses how you can minimize the cost of volunteering abroad by highlighting the cheapest volunteer programs, và even answers the question “how can I travel for free?”.

Can I Volunteer Abroad for Free?

Yes, you can go on a volunteer trip for free. But you need khổng lồ make full use of available resources và perhaps be even a little lucky. At the very least, you can cut down costs greatly, by focusing on high-quality, affordable volunteer abroad programs (yes, they exist!).

Now, you’re probably asking: How vày I volunteer for miễn phí and/or lower costs?

First, focus on organizationsfrom our menu of2020 Best Volunteer Programsthat offer advice on how khổng lồ volunteer overseas usinghigh-quality, low-cost volunteer programs, such asPlan My Gap Yearand Volunteer Forever’s top-rated program,Maximo Nivel. This will enable you to lớn save hundreds, if not thousands, on your volunteer program.

Additionally, there are multiple strategies khổng lồ volunteer for free or close khổng lồ it, including:

Looking at what the program fee includes: Pretty much all international volunteer organizations charge a program fee, but some programs may alsoprovidefree travel insurance, airport pickup, room & board, và even weekend trips as part of their fee.

How Much Does it Cost to Volunteer Abroad?

As you begin strategizing on how you can volunteer in Europe for free, volunteer in Africa for free, or another location for free, understand the costs associated with volunteering abroad. Aside from the general program fee, there are other expenses, such as traveling to và from your destination.

For example, here’s a typical cost-breakdown for Plan My Gap Year andProjects Abroad, two organizations that were named our2020 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs:

Airfare:$300 – $1200 (depending on location/route)Miscellaneous expenses:travel insurance, medications, vaccinations, etc. (about $500)Total trip cost: $1000 – $3200+

Generally speaking, the program fee includes things like housing, training, meals, and support. However, other expenses, such as an application fee, visa, travel souvenirs, sightseeing, insurance and going out in the local area can địa chỉ to the total cost of your trip. So, factor in the additional expenses when figuring out how to reduce the costs of volunteering abroad.

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Why vì chưng I Have to Pay khổng lồ Volunteer?

It isn’t always easy to lớn find không tính tiền international volunteer opportunities. A volunteer organization often charges a program fee to lớn cover the costs associated with hosting you as a volunteer. Reputable organizations bởi this because it enables them to miễn phí up resources lớn better serve host communities.

With that said, there are ways you can volunteer for free. You can apply khổng lồ a no-fee volunteer project with thePeace Corps,Volunteer Service Overseas(VSO), orUnited Nations (UN) Volunteers. These organizations don’t require a program fee, may cover all of your expenses, including airfare & room & board, và even provide a stipend. However, these well-known international volunteer programs are highly selective and may require a significant time commitment (27 months for Peace Corps & six months for UN Volunteers).

If you’re interested in long-term volunteer trips, like those offered by the Peace Corps,read this articlefor more details và options. It can be easier to find shorter trips to volunteer during summer or winter breaks. For many, short-term volunteer trips are the best choice.

Short-term volunteer programs typically have fees. But do cảnh báo you don’t have khổng lồ spend a ton of money lớn join a high-quality program offered by a reputable organization. We’ve hand-selected the danh mục of affordable programs below from our list of2020 Best Volunteer Programs.

What are the Best Volunteer Programs around the World?

Plan My Gap Year


Offering more than 150 chất lượng projects in34 countriesaround the world,Love Volunteersplaces thousands of volunteers into meaningful and life-changing programs each year. Launched in 2009, Love Volunteers has become known for their impactful, reasonably priced programs (which include three meals a day và homestay/volunteer house accommodation). One- and two-week placements are typically priced between $180-$400.

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For instance, Love Volunteers offers very affordable one-week placements in exciting volunteer destinations likeHonduras($190) andNepal($195). Please chú ý there is a $249 registration fee to reserve your spot, & you’ll be responsible for your own airfare và travel insurance.