It Is Said That English Is A Useful Language


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It is said that English is a useful language. Vì chưng you think so? Write a passage (not more than 200 words) about your idea. (3pts)

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I strongly agree with the idea: "English is an useful language" for the following reasons. First of all, English is an international language. There are more than one hundred English speaking countries all over the world, so it is very useful to speak English. Furthermore, speaking English well makes it easy lớn have a job. My sister speaks English very excellently, so she has got a good và well paid job since she graduated from her university. Last but not least, English is a means of communication. For example, you can communicate with people worldwide in English, which also helps you lớn know their cultures very well. In conclusion, it is very useful khổng lồ speak English for the reasons I have mentioned above.

English is an international language which we have lớn master. For that important level, I myself have always been trying khổng lồ learn English. I still remember learning English before. At that time I was in grade 10th. I didn"t know what English was and why I had khổng lồ learn it. I learned it badly. My teacher often complained about my learning. After grade 10th, I studied extra English class. Thank for my being hard-working , I made progress. Gradually, I liked English. I practised day và night. Then at the kết thúc of grade 11th I attended the exam for good students. Luckily, I won the first prize. I felt very happy. Now I am a teacher of Maths, but I always care of English. I myself realize that English is really interesting. Thus, I usually improve it by listening to lớn news on CNN or reading newspapers. However, my speaking is not rather good. Maybe I have no chance to pratise with foreingers. Personally, nothing prevents from walking if we want. Hence, until now the reason why I learn English well is that I lượt thích it, I want it, and I feel it very interesting.