My Family Have Or Has?

Four members of one family were found dead this afternoon... Although the circumstances of their deaths are still unknown.A student of a đô thị public school is being held under suspicion of murdering four members of her family.On 9 December 2011, a court in Hainaut found four members of the Sheikh family guilty of the killing with "honour crime" as an aggravated turns out, Johnny filed individual restraining orders against four members of the Dervishi family - just three weeks ago.Cause of death, multiple gunshot wounds suffered during a reported fire-fight after the subject allegedly slaughtered three out of four family members.There"s four family members that come in every day.Subject: Arrest of Mr Amr Tharwat with four other family members by Egyptian State Security forcesThe Commission is aware that Adly Shakir was sentenced to death for murdering four family members & that the Court of Cassation rescinded the verdict.Subject: Arrest of Mr Amr Tharwat with four other family members by Egyptian State Security forcesAnd we are four exits from Hollywood.

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We are four light years away from earth.We are four short blocks from the Capitol, within the shadow of the white House.We are four, five, six.We are four climbers trapped on the North slope,Sir, we are four mikes out from the zone.Well, here we are four years later, and they"re still working.We are four cats in the middle of the ocean looking for a piece of land... Và we drown in our own paranoia.There are four people in my family.Excuse me, there"s just one bottle, but we are four!So we are four of us in four corners of the world.

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I think I got five families members who want khổng lồ know why their loved ones are dead.When he was 30, he strangled five family members over Thanksgiving dinner, and then watched the Detroit-Green cất cánh game.We have five that barely work.We have five minutes to lớn evacuate.We have five kids to lớn support, Lena, and put through college.

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We have five plastic surgery recovery suites now.What? We have five people who say otherwise.Freddy says we have five, six hours max.We have five warheads left aboard this ship.Because now we have five parts of a bản đồ on our backs.We have five days lớn bring her up lớn speed.Gentlemen, we have five minutes for the break.Gentlemen, we have five minutes, so please raise your hands.We have five birds down two klicks west of CP Victory.We have five hours till Paco"s midnight deadline.Everybody with their vests, we have five minutes.We have five minutes lớn take photographs.You said we have five hours, maybe more.We have five rings or dad"s going khổng lồ prison.We have five corpses and one wounded.

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