Advantages Of Living In A Big City


Location is arguably the single most important factor in finding your ideal home. However, it"s not just a matter of which street you live on; it"s also a question of environment. Here, we explore the many benefits of living in the city, comparing the joys of village & city life.

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Social living

Cities transform social lives. It"s not just your close friends that make living in the city such a joy. Here, you chia sẻ your life with so many neighbours – whether they"re in your building, on the subway, or just out on the street. Rural towns will never be able to lớn offer the same social buzz or potential for new connections you"ll find in the city.

Great transport links

When you live in a small town or village, you"re generally left to lớn your own devices in terms of transport. Living in the city, everything & everyone is on your doorstep. Hop on public buses, trams or trains lớn get anywhere in town in an instant. Alternatively, most cities can be easily navigated by bicycle. Easy access khổng lồ all your favourite destinations ranks in the đứng top seven most important features of a desirable place to lớn live, with many people preferring lớn leave the car at home.

More property

The benefits of living in the city aren"t just about what"s outside. Property lovers are in paradise when house hunting in a big metropolis. Typically, you"ll have your pick of all different styles of property, from one-bed léman luxury apartments to spacious penthouses. This ability lớn pick a home that suits you, debating old vs new, is a big draw khổng lồ the city.

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With so many types of trang chủ to choose from, you might lượt thích to get a taste for thành phố living before making a purchase. Real estate agents can be just as helpful for renters as they are for buyers.


The abundance of people in the đô thị also has great consequences for diversity. You"ll meet people from a more diverse range of backgrounds and cultures living in the city than you might in a rural community. Not only will this lead khổng lồ a richer social life, but it will also mở cửa up a world of cultural opportunities, from art classes to world music concerts.

World-class food

One of the major benefits of diversity in the thành phố is the impact on the food scene. Every thành phố around the world boasts a varied và exciting phối of places to shop and eat. This is one of the major differences between village & city life. While your favourite town or village might have an excellent array of restaurants, you"ll never beat a metropolis for sheer diversity.

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Of course, moving khổng lồ a new place is about more than just the location. Visit the Engel & Völkers property insights page for more wisdom on the international property market.