Go on a 20-minute walk with them. Even if it’s an overcast day, the combination of fresh air, nature and sunshine will still boost vitamin D và serotonin levels.

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Cheer them up with word associations. Say words like “amused” or “joy” and have them say five more words that come khổng lồ mind. Studies show that this use of “priming” will eventually cause the person lớn feel the words and emotions they are naming.Stretch it out. Whether you opt for a yoga class or your own living room, deep stretching releases the tightness in muscles that is caused by stress, and it also promotes healthy blood circulation. Blast the music and have a dance party in the car. There are some laughable videos on Youtube to lớn inspire your own little dance party. Don’t hold back, though; challenge your loved one to bust a move wherever you are!Make them a homemade stir-fry or curry. Turmeric, a common ingredient in Indian cuisines, & the fiber from vegetables often found in those dishes both regulate serotonin.Order a surf & turf dinner. Fish have healthy Omega-3s và animal proteins are high in tryptophan, which triggers serotonin production.Make them fresh-squeezed orange juice. The act of hand-squeezing the juice makes them feel loved, while giving them a healthy dose of vi-ta-min B6 và folic acid. Go barefoot in the grass or on the beach. If you live near a beach or park, there are proven benefits lớn “grounding,” or reconnecting with the electrons in nature in order to lớn promote better sleep and reduce anxiety.Make them a soundtrack of soothing sounds. A waterfall, ocean waves, rain on a tin roof or wind rustling leaves are all soothing sounds that can help lull even the most restless minds khổng lồ sleep.

How lớn boost dopamine


Challenge them to some riddles and crossword puzzles. Our brains love solving problems. Critical thinking also boosts cognitive function & helps remove that hazy feeling that comes with sadness.Help them create a “gratitude sandwich.” Ask them to sandwich one thing that is going wrong between two things that they are grateful for. Saying it out loud helps them realize that there is always something positive to lớn focus on.Help them clean their home. Tidying our space can help tidy our mind while creating a sense of accomplishment from finishing a task.Meditate with them for 15 minutes. You will both benefit from it if you set the intention of creating more quiet and encourage your mind to lớn think about something other than what is making you sad.Go shopping, even if you don’t want to buy anything. Encourage your loved one lớn buy something a little bit frivolous and just for fun. It doesn’t have khổng lồ be expensive, it just needs khổng lồ be something that makes them feel happy! Take them to bởi that thing they’ve been talking about for weeks. Whether it’s a restaurant opening, new movie or museum exhibit, dedicate a day to lớn making sure they know you listen to them and want them to lớn be happy.Take them to their favorite spot. Whether it’s a favorite park bench, sunset view or busy plaza, we all have somewhere we go to think. Sit with your loved one & let your quiet presence be their support.Challenge them lớn a fitness contest. The healthy competition will give them a mood boost. Even if they don’t “win,” it’s an opportunity to lớn burn off stress and detoxify while increasing dopamine & endorphin levels.Take them to a painting or pottery class. Pick something that is small, so that they can feel the satisfaction of creating something in just one evening.Help them get some rest. If someone is lacking motivation and focus or seems disconnected, they are probably low on dopamine and sleep. Ask them how you can help them take a distraction-free nap.


How to lớn boost oxytocin


Send a thoughtful text. Cheer someone up from afar by sharing a quote or gif you know will make them smile; địa chỉ cửa hàng a simple “thinking of you” message.Give them a big bear hug. For those times where words aren’t enough, the simple act of giving someone a nice, warm hug triggers a release of oxytocin in the brain, decreasing ức chế through human contact.Take them to the dog park or, even better, lend them your pup for a day. Studies show that petting animals releases oxytocin, serotonin và prolactin, which is lượt thích a happiness cocktail for your brain. Fill the house with balloons while they are sleeping. The silliness of seeing balloons everywhere will make them smile. Have even more fun with it & pop them as you both walk through the house!Hide a cảnh báo saying what you love about them in their purse or wallet.

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Knowing that you went out of your way lớn make them smile will flood their brain with the warm, loving effects of oxytocin.Turn off the TV và host a reading day. Studies show that happy people were 21% more likely lớn read a newspaper or book than watch TV.Get out và volunteer with them at a local charity. Find something that helps them connect with others,like serving food at a soup kitchen or working with senior citizens. Make them a cup of hot tea. Studies show that warm drinks mimic the warmth of human touch và promote those warm, fuzzy feelings.Ask open-ended questions. This reminds them that you genuinely care about their feelings and gives them the floor khổng lồ express their emotions and work things out. Show empathy, not sympathy. Instead of “I understand what you are going through,” try saying something that acknowledges their feelings, like, “you were let down & that really hurt, didn’t it?”Give them a day of pampering all lớn themselves. Send them to lớn the spa làm đẹp with a gift certificate và let them choose their own massage và aromatherapy.Binge on those xinh đẹp cat and baby videos you have bookmarked. If you don’t have a dog or cat, just the act of seeing a dễ thương animal or baby will cause your brain to react much the same way as if you were physically with them.Take them on a roller coaster. While most people might associate this with endorphins và adrenaline, the rush from amusement park rides also helps you create a bond with the person next to lớn you, boosting oxytocin.

How to boost endorphin


Throw a plate-smashing party. Go lớn the thrift store & pick up a bunch of inexpensive plates, bowls and dishes, put down a tarp, wear some protective clothing and encourage them khổng lồ throw the plates as hard as they can!Have them take 10 deep breaths. Help someone collect their thoughts, release toxins and get centered by breathing with them in five-second intervals for ten rounds.Literally let them punch it out. Sometimes the best way lớn release negative emotions is to lớn just hit something. Buy them a pass to lớn a kickboxing class for a healthy way to lớn use physical aggression.Go out for Taco Tuesday. Spicy foods contain capsaicin, which activates pain sensory in your brain and triggers it lớn produce more endorphins.Surprise them with tickets to a comedy show. Laughing is one of nature’s greatest defenses và pain-coping mechanisms. Look for local venues and mở cửa mic nights for an affordable pick me up.Fake a laugh. Seriously! Just the idea of it seems silly, but many PTSD programs & therapists recommend daily laughing as ‘homework’ to feel better. We bet as soon as you ask your loved one to kém chất lượng laugh, they’ll over up laughing for real!Turn the bathroom into a lavender-scented spa. A warm bath with food-grade Epsom salts và a oải hương candle has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety và depression by as much as 25%.Take them khổng lồ happy hour. For some of the smaller things in a life, a nice cold beer or soothing glass of wine is all it takes khổng lồ change the mood. Just keep it lớn a one drink minimum, or the effects of alcohol can become a downer và decrease their mood even more.Buy them a session of acupuncture. When acupuncture is applied to specific trigger points on the body, endorphins are released in the area, releasing tension, pain và stress.Give them a safe space lớn cry, if they need to. Bottling up your feelings can lead lớn chronic stress & stress-related health problems. Tư vấn your friend or loved one by letting them know that they can feel comfortable in your presence.Let them get it all out. Venting is a powerful way to relieve stress và the best way to show empathy is to simply listen. Give the person a time limit, though, and encourage them khổng lồ move on khổng lồ more positive topics afterward.Embarass yourself a little khổng lồ elicit some giggles. Don’t worry about going all out;you can read inspirational quotes in terrible accents, wear a ridiculous outfit, or just tell some jokes lớn help get their mind off their own troubles.Yell out some positive affirmations. Help your loved one write down five khổng lồ ten things they love about themselves and have them continue to lớn yell them out until you see a smile sneak across their face.


Whether you choose just one of these science-backed activities or try khổng lồ see how many different ways you can cheer someone up, you are sure lớn activate your loved one’s happy hormones & put a smile on their face.

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Don’t worry if they aren’t feeling better immediately. It does take time for the hormones to lớn trigger and heal the pain or disappointment they may be feeling. However, seeing you make the extra effort to lớn put a smile on their face will provide extra support and let them know they are loved when they are feeling down.