The person you admire the most essay


Having an ideal person in life is of great importance. We all need someone who supports us in every life situation, who will always be there for you, & help you if needed. No matter what happens, that person is your support system. This could be your best friend or your family member, but it definitely has lớn be someone close to lớn your heart. But sometimes things turn sour when the person you admire, don’t feel the same way about you.

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Essay on the Person I admire Most | Why I Praise My Teacher Essay

A Person I Praise Most is my teacher. She’s a wonderful human being. She has taught me so many things in these 10 years of my life, & she never gave up on her students. Her credibility is unquestionable. Everything I know today, I learned from her.

She helped me with every obstacle I had since the very beginning; not only did she help me with them, but she also encouraged me to lớn overcome them. She is my inspiration of becoming someone great, and no matter how confused I am about the future , she always reassure me that everything will work out fine, if I believe in myself.

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Why I Praise my teacher Most;

Every person should have an ideal in life because if someone does not have something lớn aspire towards, they don’t know what their purpose is or why they are even alive. This might sound harsh but it’s true. Following are the reasons why I like my teacher most;

His way of teaching is very effective and interestingHe is patience with us even if we vì chưng mistakes he corrects us immediatelyHe always encourages us to lớn come up with new ideas and innovations using the technology tools which helps in bringing out the hidden talents in all of us và at the same time makes learning process funHe is always available for his students & treats us as best friendsHe strives hard khổng lồ bring the educational environment khổng lồ excellence by involving the parents, students & teachersHe encourages all of us to lớn participate in social activities lượt thích sports events, cultural events etc which boosts our confidence level & enthusiasm towards studyingHe is a very friendly person và has never bothered us to vì anything which reduces our interest levelHe provides us with necessary facilities like computer lab, library etcHis sense of humor is infectious và he makes sure that we understand the subject by thoroughly explaining everythingHe motivates students along with the teachers to lớn bring out the best in everyoneHe also gives us class presentations and we learn a lot from themBelieve me he is the best teacher I ever had!!! and this is why I love him!


We all need a tư vấn system in life, & teachers are the best support systems we have. They always encourage us khổng lồ be better than what we are today. One of my favorite quotes says:

Teachers are role models for children because by teaching their students they become significant in the lives of others. Teachers are an inspiration for good behavior and healthy decisions. They always try their best to lớn guide us at every stage in life and set a good example for everyone so that no one falls in the wrong path & lead a better life.

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