Window shopping nghĩa là gì


go window-shopping

Idiom(s): go window-shoppingTheme: SHOPPINGto go about looking at goods in store windows without actually buying anything.• The clerks vày a lot of window-shopping in their lunch hour, looking for things lớn buy when they get paid.• Joan said she was just window-shopping, but she bought a new coat.

shopping center|center|shopping

n. A place usually for neighborhood shopping, where there is a group of stores và shops inside of a large parking lot. There is a bowling alley at the nearest shopping center.

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All the stores in our shopping center stay open until nine o"clock on Friday evenings.

go window-shopping

To visit stores, or look in their windows, to lớn see what is available without buying anything. My bank account is so sad these days that I"ll only be going window-shopping for a while! A: "You guys really went in that expensive boutique?" B: "Yeah, but we only went window-shopping, don"t worry! We know we can"t afford anything in there!"Learn more: go

go window-shopping

to go about looking at goods in store windows without actually buying anything. The office workers go window-shopping on their lunch hour, looking for things to lớn buy when they get paid. Joan said she was just going window-shopping, but she bought a new coat.Learn more: goLearn more:
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