Most of the children lượt thích to become doctor và all of them have different reasons for it. It needs lots of courage to be a doctor because they have to treat others" wounds và cuts, which really needs courage. Doctors are really great và they have a solution for any kind of disease in our body.

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Short and Long Essays on Why I Want to lớn Become a Doctor

Here, I’m providing an essay on Why I Want to Become a Doctor in very simple words. This topic is very useful for students of all classes. You can go through this essay lớn know various aspects of the topic.

10 Lines Essay on Why I Want khổng lồ Become a Doctor (100 - 120 Words)

1) I want to become a doctor because I love helping others.

2) I like when people come và thank the doctors for their job.

3) My mother (doctor by profession) inspires me lớn become a doctor like her.

4) I am motivated after seeing some examples where doctors were saviors.

5) Another reason for choosing this profession is that I love their courage, honesty, bravery và polite behavior.

6) I want lớn be a doctor lớn save everyone’s life.

7) I love their determination towards the job.

8) The duty of doctors during Covid pandemic has encouraged me to choose this profession.

9) I don’t want any poor to lose their life due to lack of money.

10) I also want khổng lồ make my country fit and healthy.


Essay 1 (250 Words) - I want lớn Become a Doctor


A teacher helps us to giảm giá khuyến mãi with any kind of problem in learning, the Police help us with a social issue, a monk helps us to lớn heal our soul, similarly, a doctor helps us to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with any kind of irregularities in our body. Really, they are the heroes because they can make us completely fit & fine.

I love this profession because I have seen many serious cases and they become all right when they visit a doctor. They are magicians & have superpowers therefore I also want to become a doctor.

Who ismy Inspiration?

My mother is a doctor và she helps everyone, she also works in an NGO. Many poor và old people come lớn thank her and it sounds very good. I also love helping people. Doctors are God on earth because they can bring you back from death.

Once one of my classmates was badly injured in an accident & everyone lost their hope but it was the doctor who protected her. I can easily relate this incident with my mother và how she helps others. So, I want to lớn become like her.


There are various professions through which you can help others. As I have seen some live examples of the contribution of doctors, I want lớn be a doctor. I want my nation to grow healthy & fit so that we will develop as one of the strongest nations. I want khổng lồ help others like my mother does in the Corona pandemic và want to help my nation.

Essay 2 (400 Words) - Why I want khổng lồ Become a Doctor?


Thereare different colours in a rainbow but it is not everyone likes white; itdepends on us and our likes. Some of us like yellow whereas some lượt thích red.Similarly, there are many professions and I want khổng lồ become a doctor. There aremany reasons behind choosing this profession & one of the most important onesis I love being a doctor.

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What ILike About Doctors

Doctorsalways try their best và never say ‘no’. They start with let’s try & most ofthe time they succeed. I love the determination they have for their patients.They don’t even know their patient still they treat them as a family.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, all the doctors and other medical staff worked 24x7. They didn’t even think about themselves. It really needs the courage to vì so & hats off lớn the doctors. They also have family & all of us love our own life, still, it was their determination that the recovery rates were so high.

I as aDoctor

As adoctor, I will always make sure that no one dies due to lack of treatment. Iwant to develop a system that I can fix all the damaged parts và give rebirthto a dead person. Because every year many families lose their loved ones. So, Iwill develop a system through which no one will die before a normal death.

I wantto facilitate all types of medical facilities lớn the poor. As sometimes theydon’t have enough money for treatment, although the government has announcedvarious schemes for them, due to lack awareness they unable khổng lồ avail of thebenefit.


Whatever profession we choose we should vì chưng it honestly. It is the duty of a doctor to let his patients know all the schemes và latest plans announced by the government. A doctor should always be of helping minded và should help everyone. Either someone has money to lớn pay him or not.


Essay 3 (600 Words) - Doctor: as a Profession


Wheneveryou fall, feel pain or uneasy the only person we remember is a doctor. When youare grown up, you can easily explain what has happened lớn you, but have youever thought of infant children. They cannot even explain their problem still,doctors easily treat them. Really, they are geniuses.

Duty ofa Doctor

Doctorsare next to lớn God on earth và they take care of every human on earth. There arealso doctors available for animals. The word doctor sounds like a healer.

A doctor should always help others eithersomeone has money khổng lồ pay or not.Doctors should always recommendthe correct medication because some doctors want khổng lồ make money & theyunnecessarily recommend some tests & check-ups.It is not everyone can be adoctor because it needs some different levels of mind & also money for beinga doctor. Và if someone has that ability then he should apply it for the sakeof people.A doctor should be xuất hiện to alland should not discriminate his patients as pre-money.They should always make peopleaware of different schemes và plans because the medication is very costlythese days. Although the government has various plans for the poor, due to lackof knowledge they couldn’t get it.A doctor should always be humbleand polite because a patient himself be frustrated because of his disease. Whendoctors treat them in a good way, they feel good.A doctor should always encouragehis patients because sometimes encouragement and belief work more thanmedicine.He should be brave & honestabout his profession.A doctor should never becareless because a small carelessness can take a life.

Types ofDoctors

Doctorsare of different types và depending on their interest & marks in theentrance exam. Those who take care of children are called paediatricians,whereas those who take care of females are known as gynaecologists. Similarly,the brain, heart specialist is known as Neurologist & Cardiologist. There aredifferent doctors available for different parts of the body.

How to lớn Becomea Doctor?

Manystudents every year work hard khổng lồ become a doctor và they start theirpreparation from a very early stage. One should take biology as a subject intheir academic year 11th & 12th and should be passionate. After academics,one should clear some exams naming NEET which is also known as the All IndiaParamedical Test. After this one can easily take part in the counselling ofvarious collages as per their rank.

Aftercompleting college education, one should work under an experienced doctor andcomplete their internship, and then he will be a complete doctor. All you needis a strong determination & no one can stop you.

Apartfrom Allopathy, there are some other branches of medication like Homeopathy,Ayurveda, Naturopathy, etc. One can also be a specialist in these sectors.Ayurveda is an Indian size of medication which was followed by our ancestors.


Being a doctor automatically develops a sense of responsibility và if you are not disciplined & focused don’t become a doctor. A doctor should be brave and should never give up whatever the situation might be. The only motive of a doctor should be khổng lồ protect others. Whatever profession you choose you should be always loyal & focused. Doctors are a kind of social worker & if needed they also work for the entire day. The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many youngsters to be a doctor. The hard work and courage they had shown in this period is really markable và cannot be neglected. & if you are alive today it is just because of them. So, always respect a doctor & pass a smile whenever you meet a doctor.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by a doctor?

Ans. A doctor is a person who attains qualification to cure sick people.

Q.2 When did the doctor become a profession?

Ans. Doctor became a profession at the beginning of the 17th century.

Q.3 Who is called as the Father of Medicine in the world?

Ans. Hippocrates is regarded as the Father of Medicine in the world.

Q.4 Who is called the first female doctor in the world?

Ans. Elizabeth Blackwell is stated as the first female doctor in the world.

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Q.5 What vày we gọi the doctor of infants? Q.6 Why are white coats worn by the doctors?

Ans. Doctors wear a white coat so that they can be easily identified by the patients và staff.