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My hobby I like most is listening lớn music. I started listening many kind of music when I was a little girl.I lượt thích many kind of music, especially I am interested in the US - UK songs. Thus, I studied English lớn understand the meaning of the songs I have heard. At first, I listened country music. They were quite slowly & it was quite easy to hear and understand them. Now, I can understand most of all the US - UK songs I have heard. That"s so great!I have usually spent my không tính phí time to lớn listen the best songs. I like listening to music because my soul is relaxed when I listen.Music would be my lifelong friend. I would never stop listening lớn music.

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1. Write about your hobby (play badminton, reading và listening lớn music)

2. Write a paragraph about how to learn English

3. Write paragraphs about school activities

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1. Write about your hobby (play badminton, reading và listening to music)

I like reading book .I enjoy reading a book when I am free.I started to vày it when I was four years old. The first time I did it, I felt interested. So I kept reading.Firstly, reading makes me feel comfortable after many long stressful hours at school. I actually like comic books because they contain lots of colorful and interesting images that keep my spirit relax. Secondly, reading books provides me a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of diverse knowledge of many fields.For me, there is nothing makes me happier than khổng lồ have a stack of books on my nightstand lớn attack on a night when there is no alarm clock waiting the next morning.Finally, reading helps to lớn enhance my vocabulary in both Vietnamese and English language. In Vietnamese book, I can learn many traditional folks or proverbs that help me understand more deeply the beauty of my mother tongue. About English books, I can improve my English reading comprehension skill in study.In conclusion, I really like reading books, for it brings many good things to lớn me. I see it as an useful activity khổng lồ learn how to make life more meaningful & beautiful.

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2. Write a paragraph about how lớn learn English.

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English is a popular language in the world & it has become the international language of business, aviation and communication. I want to lớn be a travel guide so I think I have to try my best khổng lồ learn English well. I learn English in some ways. Firstly, I learn by heart all the new words. Then I bởi more grammar exercises in grammar books. I also read English as much as possible. I lượt thích English newspapers và funny stories. I usually practice listening lớn English programs on the internet. Finally, I learn to sing English songs. Learning English is very necessary.

3. Write paragraphs about school activities.(chủ đề này khá khó đề nghị mk không làm đc thông cảm nha!